Thanks to the wide availability of top fruit all year round, Van Kessel Fruit is able at any time to meet the desired volumes of its customers. Through intensive contact with growers and customers we can switch rapidly at any moment. As a result, you as a customer are always assured of high-quality and freshly sorted top fruit.

Partly thanks to this flexibility and quality, VKF is able to supply a wide range of products and packaging to its customers. Local customers such as market vendors but also wholesalers, exporters, the processing industry and retailers are supplied from Velddriel on a daily basis, both national and internationally.

All top fruit traded by VKF, meets all current strict requirements and regulations made by its customers. Of course, all growers of Van Kessel Fruit B.V. Global Gap are certified and the top fruit comes from Dutch orchards. In addition, most growers now have attained supplementary certifications to meet customer-specific wishes.

‘With our efficiently organised packing centre we can meet our customers’ wishes right away.'