For the future of tomorrow


What a joy it is to be allowed to work with fresh products from nature every day! From the picking in the orchard to the transport to the customer: every aspect has its own charm. To be able to keep on doing this, it is important that this is done with the least impact on nature possible. That we make sure that the generations after us can also enjoy fresh top fruit.

VKF has therefore optimised its own operating process in the most sustainable way. This starts with growing, selling and transporting fruit in the Netherlands. Did you know that 60% of our top fruit are actually eaten in the Netherlands? You can imagine the positive impact this has on the number of transport movements, especially if you compare it to foreign top fruit. But it is also evident in our internal operating processes.

There are numerous matters that have our utmost attention. Think of water purification, LED illumination, but also solar panels. Cooling is done with natural refrigerants. We monitor the use of fuel of our means of transport. But we also give growing advice and explanation to our growers about the use of pesticides. We also reuse the waste heat of the cooling installations and we are a GRAPS certified employer.

‘We are sparing with good drinking water through our water purification and its reuse’