We are multitalented

Van Kessel Fruit has been active in the fruit branch since the 1930s. What started as a combined agricultural firm has expanded over time into a specialisation in top fruit.

With 3 of our own growing companies and the purchase of fruit through the year, Van Kessel Fruit B.V. is assured of year-round availability of products with the highest quality. Thanks to the storage and processing of these products in a fully conditioned location in the Gelderland village of Velddriel, Van Kesse Fruit B.V. has the entire chain under its own management.


VKF has 3 growing locations of its own in the Netherlands. Here, top fruit is grown according to the high Dutch quality standard. With a total surface area of 100 hectares we grow top fruit in a sustainable way with core for our environment.

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Sorting and packing

With our modern packing centre, which is BRC certified. VKF meets all requirements regarding food safety and tracking & tracing of our products.

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Thanks to the wide availability of top fruit throughout the year, Van Kesse Fruit can meet the desired volumes of its customers at any moment. Through intensive contact with growers we can switch rapidly at any moment.

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Cold Storage

Fruit storage is an important part of the operating process at Van Kessel Fruit. Van Kessel has its own cooling capacity of 9,000 tonnes ULO (ultra-low oxygen) and 1,000 tonnes mechanic.

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VKF has its own fleet of lorries and trailers. These are active on a daily basis, carrying out conditioned transport to various distribution centres of our customers.

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