Fruit storage is an important part of the operating process at Van Kessel Fruit. Van Kessel has its own cooling capacity of 9,000 tonnes by ULO (ultra-low oxygen) and 1,000 tonnes mechanically. Most cold stores are equipped with humidification. This is used to limit humidity emission during cooling of the pears.

Because the fruit is stored in cold stores where oxygen content is zero, it is possible to store the fruit for longer periods of time. During this storage period the quality, hardness and sugar content of the fruit are meticulously monitored. With these quality checks we can determine when what lot of fruit is going to be sorted and packed.

In addition to our own storage it is also possible to cool other temperature-sensitive and AGF-related products for a certain period of time.

‘Top fruit of VKF can and must not be a let-down. That is a promise we make ourselves day after day.’