For over 80 years we have been the quality supplier per excellence of all your top fruit. Thanks to our many years of experience and expertise we are able to deliver the best quality top fruit all year round.

As we use our own growing companies, cooling facilities, a BRC certified packing centre and our own means of transport, we have all links of the chain in our own hands. That is why we can say with confidence that we can always switch rapidly and work efficiently!

So we are justified to say SIMPLY GOOD FRUIT.


Simply good fruit of course also means that we continuously check for the quality of the fruit, its hardness and sugar levels. Our quality checks take place upon arrival of the fruit and during its processing. When we store fruit for longer periods of time, its quality is monitored intensively using the same requirements.

Healthy and responsible

Simply good fruit means that we test and analyse for any residues so we are sure that the fruit meets the legal requirements. This way, retailers and consumers are assured of healthy and responsible fruit.


Being able to deliver simply good fruit means for us that we also guarantee swiftness. Processed the same day, delivered the same day, our 24-hour service. Thanks to the short lines within our family business and an efficiently organised packing centre we can immediately tend to the wishes of our customers.

Our apples

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Our pears

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Golden Delicious

A wonderful golden colour and delicious as an eating apple

Red Jonaprince

Red and wonderfully solid and long-lasting as an eating apple or to be used in dishes


Fresh-sweet with a solid bite, delicious and always of the same perfect quality!


The most popular apple in the Netherlands with a red blush and yellow-green base

B.A. Lucas

A delicious eating pear with a nice even shape

Doyenne du Comice

The queen among pears: a wonderful appearance and delicious taste!


The most popular and most widely grown pear in the Netherlands

‘A big company, but a small organisation’

The company

VKF is a big company, but a small organisation. This is also felt by our customers. The short lines ensure a high degree of efficiency. We have an ‘actions speak louder than words’ mentality. This has characterised our family for nearly a hundred years.

We consider quality self-evident, not something that we can distinguish ourselves with. VKF’s top fruit cannot and will not be a let-down. That is a promise we make ourselves day after day and from which our customers benefit time and again. This cannot be captured in words. That wouldn’t fit us. We stand for Simply Good Fruit. This is something that you have to taste for yourself to understand.

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