VKF has 3 growing locations of its own in the Netherlands. Top fruit is grown here according to the Dutch, high quality standard. With a total surface area of 100 hectares we grow top fruit in a sustainable way with care for our environment.

Growing location Velddriel

This growing company is located near our headquarters in Velddriel. Fruit has been grown here for over 80 years. while in the early years it was predominantly varieties such as Cox, Golden Rennets and Golden Delicious that were grown, today Conference, Elstar and Evelina® cover the largest area of the growing surface.

Growing location Waardenburg

At the location in Waardenburg a total of 25 hectares of top fruit is grown. Like in Velddriel, Elstar and Conference are grown predominantly at this location. Besides these two winners, we also grow Jona Redprince.

Growing location Oud-Vossemeer

In 1994 we purchased this gem on the Zeeland island of Tholen in Oud-Vossemeer. Over the past years we only planted pear varieties here. At Oud-Vossemeer Conference (16 ha) and B.A. Lucas (9 ha) are currently grown.

Our own growing locations supply a major part of VKF’s total top fruit trade. All the other top fruit are purchased from Dutch growers.